Fat bearded man spotted in millions of homes accused of eating cookies and stealing carrots to feed his reindeer.


Reports are pouring in of break-ins at houses across the country, with people waking this morning to find their homes covered in snowy footprints and cookie crumbs.

There were no signs of forced entry, but some have reported disruption to their fireplaces.

Among the items taken were cookies, glasses of milk, and carrots. It is thought that the carrots were taken to feed some sort of animal, due to some people saying they heard animalistic grunting and the clicking of hooves.

One Tab reader sent in this shocking evidence

One Tab reader sent in this shocking evidence

It has also been suggested that the suspect may be experiencing some sort of psychosis or neurotic episode, as he left behind several boxes wrapped in bows in all of the homes. The boxes are currently being investigated by local bomb squads across Britain.

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