Howay: Brookes fresher snogs Cheryl Cole on New Year’s Eve

Brookes boy has night of his life in Cape Town

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One man has lived out every boys’ fantasy after he kissed Cheryl Cole. 

Tom Julius enjoyed “the best moment of his life” when he found himself locking lips with the singer at midnight.

The first year History student at Oxford Brookes spent the festive period with friends and family in Cape Town, South Africa. He spoke exclusively to The Tab about what really happened and said he’d take her out on the town if she was ever in Oxford.

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Cole was “going mad” with Tom Julius…

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“It happened at Shimmy Beach Club. The night was pretty excessive. I was on a table with my friends and family. I ordered a glass of champagne and they brought a bottle!

“It was about 5 minutes till midnight and my brother pointed out that she was right behind me.

“I turned around and just said hi, started talking to her. But it was a bit intimidating with her bodyguards around her.

“She wasn’t the most educated and well spoken person I’ve ever met. I said my brother was at uni in Newcastle and started joking about how I was single.

“She laughed and stroked my face. She stroked my hair and started going mad. She kissed me on the lips and on the forehead. She was dancing on top of me with her arms around me, squeezing me. I thought ‘what the fuck is going on?!’ ”

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Cole enjoying the South African sunshine… (Instagram)

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He said that, disappointingly, there was no tongue. “I was a little nervous to properly get with her. I was bit scared what might happen with all her bodyguards around.”

Incredibly, Tom turned down her invitation of another drink. He said: “It was the biggest mistake of my life.”

He added that Mail Online had claimed the photo of Cheryl puckering up for a lucky 8-year-old boy was him. Cheryl was snapped making all his dreams come true and his friends very jealous.

He said: “They tried to make it out like I was her new toy boy. She was more than happy to kiss around. She was really friendly but obviously smashed.

“If she ever wanted to go for a drink, that would be the dream”

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Tom was wrongly labelled as an 8-year-old boy, whose parents brought along to the night.


Shimmy Beach Club, forever in Tom’s memories…

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“It was pretty excessive…”

Tom, who loves The Tab, said he’d only speak us about it properly. He gave us an exclusive message for her.

He said: “If you’re ever in Oxford, I’ll take you out on the toon. We can share a vk or two. I’m a huge Arsenal fan and season ticket holder. We can go on a date to the Emirates.

“Ashley might be a premier league footballer, but I’m doing pretty well in my history degree.”

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The Tab wishes Tom the best of luck in meeting her again, and remains very jealous.