5 Iconic Casino Myths Debunked
    Are payouts literal? Will pulling the lever instead of pressing spin increase your winning chances? These and more are casino myths and misconceptions. Nonetheless, like most other sports, the casino world comes with its myths, legends and peculiarities that need debunking.    Here are five myths that you may come across if you're ready to explore the world of gambling and casinos.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Payout Rates Are Literal  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Some players believe that if a slot has a 95% RTP, they won't lose more than 5% of their bankroll. However, that's not how it works. RTP numbers are based on so many simulations. So, if an RTP is 95%, you apparently won't get it by making just five spins. If you're rich enough to make a billion spins, your outcome will probably be precisely 95%, but with a regular bankroll, no one will ever know. The truth is, the thrill that makes gambling so exciting is that you need to play to find out if you're going to win or if you're going to lose. You can click here to see how it works.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Pulling The Lever Instead Will Increase Winning Chances  ________________________________________________________________________________________ While your play might slow down a bit, it's not the reason why you'll win. If you're playing at 200 spins per hour by pressing the button, you'll reduce that to 150 spins per hour by using the lever instead. In addition, the random number generator on the slot machines can't tell which player used a lever and who pressed the spin button. So, it's just a myth and shouldn't faze players.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Gambler's Fallacy  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Also known as the Monte Carlo Fallacy, because in 1913, an event that has influenced this fallacy happened at the Monte Carlo Casino. At this rare event, the roulette ball hit black 26 times in one streak, and all the millions of people who repeatedly bet on red lost their bets. While this event may have happened, the roulette wheel is balanced, and every event is random. So, the ball has the same probability of hitting black as it has of hitting red, making an event such as this questionable and not defendable. In the famous Monte Carlo event, the odds were 1 in 66 million.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Casinos Pump in Oxygen to Keep You Awake  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Casinos need their clients to be as comfortable as possible. So, the cleanest air possible will be a priority. However, casinos pumping oxygen into the halls to keep visitors alert to continue gambling? No, casinos won't and don't do that. Asides from how expensive that operation will cost, pumping medical grade oxygen enough to affect everyone will require the casino to have a mini oxygen factory somewhere close by, preferably on the same grounds. In addition, that amount of oxygen in an enclosed space is a fire accident waiting to happen, and a fire hazard is not something any casino would want to deal with.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ When You Start Winning Too Much, The Game "Freezes"  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Software and hardware malfunctions may happen and cause a game to freeze, but it can't freeze because of your impressive winning streak. Keeping you away from a slot machine doesn't pay the casino because a casino advantage works over the long haul. So, if your game freezes during a playing session online, it's more likely due to a fixable problem.   Myths are part of every system. The idea is to know them and not allow them to affect your games.