Sylvie Dumont

Sylvie Dumont
Kings College London


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Revealed: The KCLSU candidates identified in Monday’s protests at Strand

A second candidate has been identified

King’s College London is offering refunds to students for the lecturer strikes

The money will come from what would have been striking lecturers’ salaries

King’s Shakespeare Company: The Winter’s Tale review

it’s not the cold that gave us the sniffles

‘Cause lots of trouble and be really nice about it at the same time’: This King’s student went to prison to meet with Sadiq Khan

He’s been involved in protests across London – and now he’s trying to stop air pollution

We spoke to our local Big Issue Seller about how KCL students can help tackle homelessness in London

Calvin stands outside the pathway between Somerset House and King’s College almost everyday

A department at King’s is investigating ‘harassment’ and ‘disruptive behaviour’ in Bush House

‘Certain individuals in the group have been heard to make racist and homophobic comments’

King’s PhD student imprisoned for civil disobedience in campaign against air pollution

An open letter to Sadiq Khan was posted on his account urging the mayor to meet with him

KCLSU introduces ‘Safe Space Marshals’ in Strand campus for events that could violate Safe Space policy

Marshals will be monitoring events which have been ‘risk assessed’ for offending students

Meet the King’s med student who founded a charity dedicated to mothers, and one of his volunteers

Aqil Jaigirdar on his baby – the MAA – and Fatnin Mohd Fuad on what it’s like to volunteer for the program

Go see this KCL student’s play about politics and sugar babies being put on this autumn in Croydon

An interview with Love, Lola’s writer and director

This campaign built a wall in Strand, but it’s not what you think

This was completely coincidental, nothing to do with Trump

King’s has introduced an online course about consent which is ‘strongly recommended’

It will be available to all first year students

King’s students to screen their short film ‘The Girl in the Bubble’ at the BAFTAs

And you’re still crying over your ex

No, King’s isn’t replacing the portraits of its founders with a ‘wall of diversity’

Claims have been denied by the University

KCLSU is setting up donation points for Grenfell Tower victims

Here’s how you can help

This King’s English student wrote her dissertation on Pepe the Frog

She submitted it four days before he died

You can actually learn GOT Dothraki if you do an exchange at UC Berkeley

Maybe we can get him to teach at the MLC??

King’s student arrested in ongoing cleaners’ strike campaign at LSE

“Life Not Money” faced off with LSE security last Wednesday

First year student launches ‘Strand’ Magazine

Strand’s the new cool

The King’s Players – On The Move Review

I’m not crying there’s just some heartfelt interpretive dancing in my eye

The KCCE have taken over the Old Conference Room for 24 hours

Sleeping bags and all

Protesters decorate the Strand building against fossil fuels

Flowers and teddy bears vs. climate change!!

Are you KCL’s Biggest Bachelor? #7 – Niklaus Wietlisbach

Will you love Niklaus as much as he loves his nine-year-old cactus?

There’s a petition to make ULU Fridays free again


Are You KCL’s Biggest Bachelor? #4 – Mark Murray

The fourth nominee for KCL’s Biggest Heartthrob is…

Are You KCL’s Biggest Bachelor? #2 – Henry Thompson

Meet KCL’s next nominee for Biggest Bachelor – Henry Thompson!