Samantha Wilson
Campus Editor

Protests as conservative writer Ben Shapiro speaks at Berkeley

The right-wing speaker is a former Breitbart editor

Survey results: who you actually want to come speak at UC Berkeley

Give me an O… Give me a B…

Who do you ACTUALLY want to come speak at UC Berkeley?

Kanye West, anyone?

UC Berkeley ranks as the fourth best value-for-money college

Tldr; we outrank Stanford

UC Berkeley student robbed on campus on Wednesday

The two suspects are still at large

Ballet discriminates against your height, your weight and your looks: What nobody tells you about being a ballerina

‘I’ve been flat out told I didn’t get a part because I’m too tall’

UC Berkeley ranks as the 6th most reputable university in the world

Yet another ranking that campus tour guides can brag about

From Cafe Milano to Blue Bottle, here are the best coffee shops near UC Berkeley to get your caffeine fix

The best people watching happens at Caffe Strada

DJ Khaled surprises UC Berkeley statistics commencement

He burst in singing, ‘All I Do Is Win”

Everything UC Berkeley students know to be true about RRR week

‘You won’t actually start studying until Thursday’

UCPD warns Berkeley students to expect protests after Ann Coulter cancelation

‘Crowd control issues could occur’

What Berkeley majors would be called based on what they actually do

Are you studying compost advocacy, self-diagnosing, or crying?

Who are UC Berkeley’s best alumni?

Let’s settle this, for once and for all

Revealed: Milo Yiannopoulos’s Berkeley rejection letter from 2007

We didn’t want you in 2007, and we don’t want you now

How much does it cost to miss a class at UC Berkeley?

You might think twice about choosing a nap over class

Fashion trends you didn’t know were invented by men

Most of these guys kinda seem like creeps tbh

Deaf student reports that UC Berkeley didn’t provide an interpreter

She has requested a semester extension for her dissertation

Suspect of sexual battery at UC Berkeley at large

The victim was assaulted last Thursday

Which college major is the busiest in America?

Everyone thinks its their own

UC Berkeley is one of the best value for money schools in the nation

We rank above both UCLA and UCSB

Dirks used $5,000 worth of gym membership for free

Does he even lift?

Confirmed case of meningitis at UC Berkeley

UHS is holding special drop-in hours for vaccinations

Carol Christ has been picked as UC Berkeley’s next chancellor

She is the highest ranking female administrator on campus

Martin Shkreli joined UC Berkeley Memes For Edgy Teens today and got roasted

‘His brief appearance is probably nothing more than a sheer coincidence’

QUIZ: How Berkeley are you?

Find out if just how much Berkeley has consumed you

BREAKING: Tan evacuated with emergency services on the scene

There are unconfirmed reports that it’s a false alarm

Everything Berkeley students need to stop doing

‘Are we in college or are we in preschool?’

BREAKING: Police receive ‘threatening person’ call in Dwinelle

They are carrying assault rifles

University of California president, chancellors, and students respond to Trump’s executive order

‘We are committed to supporting all members of the UC community who are impacted by this executive action’

BREAKING: Hundreds of students gather on Sproul for inauguration day rally

‘They’re chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go”‘

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Berkeley homeless protest for affordable housing

They are set up in the ‘Gourmet Ghetto’

UC Berkeley’s craziest 2016 moments

Seriously, could it get anymore whack?

Every thought Berkeley students will have during break

‘I’ve worn my Cal sweatshirt everyday for two weeks’

UC Berkeley receives record breaking number of applications

UC reports that the diversity of applicants has increased as well

What life is like after being a victim of sex trafficking

A former Berkeley student told us their story

UC Berkeley students missing after Oakland warehouse fire

33 people were killed

UC Berkeley addresses concerns about professor found guilty of sexual harassment

An alternative section will be offered for students of Professor Nezar AlSayyad

Sewage leaking from UC Berkeley contaminated Strawberry Creek

At least it’s not green anymore

BREAKING: Moffitt currently being evacuated after fire alarms

They’ve just been turned off

BREAKING: Berkeley students and locals are protesting at the Campanile

The crowd is chanting ‘Not our President’

Berkeley students mourn the closing of Pacific Cookie Company and Smart Alec’s

‘Life is over as we know it’

Why everyone should make a Halloween Tinder account

‘I see you find me apPEELing’

UC Berkeley Greek life parties are back – with rules

Parties will require consent talks and sober monitors

‘A catastrophe’: Berkeley campus reacts to suspension of on-site social events

Panhellenic Council and Inter-Fraternity Council have suspended them until further notice

Promises broken by administration prompts huge Fight4Spaces protest on Sproul

Students have created a blockade along Sather Gate and the Student Store

Two sexual assaults reported at two different Berkeley frats

The incidents happened on Friday and Saturday night

Victim of Haste Street shooting in critical condition

Shots were fired last night by Dana and Haste Street

It’s a lot harder to rush a sorority than a frat

The bros said they’d be ‘decently down’ to let me join

A Netflix tax might be coming to California – and Berkeley students dgaf

Netflix and no chill?

BREAKING: Man arrested in connection with alleged rape of Berkeley student

The incident reportedly took place in a hall of residence

Apply to intern with The Tab UC Berkeley

Journalism experience, breaking news on campus, job opportunities in New York and London

First week of classes: Freshman vs. sophomore year

Are you new here?

Why you should stop rejecting compliments

We’re all in this together

UC Berkeley’s Chancellor Dirks resigns in wake of leadership controversies

He’d only been here three years

How to deal with every ‘uh oh’ moment at work

I speak from experience

UC Berkeley is one of the top 10 most diverse schools in the country

It’s a melting pot – in both intellect and diversity

I went an entire day without looking in a mirror

It is way harder than you think

Avalon, NJ vs. Los Angeles, CA

Nothing could have prepared me for the East Coast

All of the things I learned while on my mission trip in Costa Rica

‘I forgot everything I learned in high school Spanish’

What it was like to be homeschooled

It was only two years, but it was the time of my life

All the customers you’ll meet in a retail job

‘The clueless husband’

What I learned when I stopped apologizing

I’m not to blame for things I can’t control

Working minimum-wage as a college student isn’t bad

Why is there such a stigma around it?

UC Berkeley is one of the best colleges for supporting low-income students

We are still above Stanford on this one

Free breakfast for dinner and micro-pigs in the MLK until 12am

It’s all a part of De-Stress Fest

The seven stages of pulling an all-nighter

You all know what I’m talking about

Everything you missed at the Earth Day Street Fest in San Francisco

Nothing screams ‘San Francisco’ quite like it

What it’s like to play in the National Quidditch Cup

Long journey, terrible sunburns, new friends, early mornings, a Harry Potter-themed band and some intense Quidditch matches

Just because I play Quidditch doesn’t mean I’m a nerd

Little did I know just how intense it would be to play a sport with a broom between my legs