Rachel Cunliffe

To Wax or not to Wax?

Why we need to reclaim the right to have hair Down There. And not look like a pornstars or babies.

Get Your Fetish On

RACHEL CUNLIFFE on what we can all learn from the freaky fabulousness of the fetish scene.

Proud To Be Pleasured

Girls masturbate. Shocked? You shouldn’t be.

Batty Bloke Blows Job

Following a strange report of sexual harassment, RACHEL CUNLIFFE explores the murky world of gender inequality.

Review: The History Boys

RACHEL CUNLIFFE this is a play that ‘The History Boys is, without a doubt, a play that every Cambridge student should see at least once in their life.’

Review: The Last Five Years

RACHEL CUNLIFFE loved this show, though argues it ‘should come with a warning attached: do not see this if you have ever had your heart broken’.

Review: Pasion De Buena Vista

Latin dance lover RACHEL CUNLIFFE got into the spirit of this night out.