Oliver Harry

Sesh gremlins, come look at Sussex Clubbers of the week

Oh! You pretty things…

Beat the uni blues… The Sussex societies offering holidays

Where can we sign…?

I really want Sussex Freshers’ to be good this year

Here’s hoping

Dear freshers, this is what Sussex halls are really like

The Park Village ladybirds don’t pay rent

Catching up with Pizza Station, your new favourite pizza joint

A quality pizza service directly opposite campus — what’s not to like?

Brown Bag Organics to offer vegetable delivery service for Sussex students

These are the 5-a-day saviours of your freshers’ flu

No drinking and Tickell memes? Predictions for second year at Sussex

“Perhaps I’ll unwind by watching ‘the footie’ with the lads down at East Slope, bathed in golden Fosters juice and the glory of my oiled beard-hair”

Silverstone is the most ridiculous building in the world

There is a spectre hanging over Sussex. The spectre of Silverstone.

Sussex campus residences left without water following pressure issue

More water problems for Sussex

Sussex’s most eligible bachelor nominee: Sorin

I’ve almost died 7 times, so I hope that I’ve got more than 9 lives

I quit the internet for a day and this is what happened

Does Sassy Socialist Memes still exist, or has the revolution withered without my daily likes?

Sussex’s most eligible bachelor nominee: Steffan

“I’d take a girl to a theatre, but only to watch a play that I’m in…”

Outdoor gym amongst changes discussed by SEF

If you’ve ever wanted an outdoor gym or a better lit campus, then you might be in luck

Society Spotlight: The action role-players kicking up a SWARM

Ever wanted to scratch that role-playing itch? Is Warhammer 40,000 a guilty pleasure? Then SWARM is the society for you

Seminar ice breakers are awful and should be banned

“Hi, I’m Ollie, and today I had a big bowl of disappointment”

Eliza is Sussex’s most eligible bachelorette

“Don’t take me out ‘cause I really am allergic to every-fucking-thing”.

Sussex’s most eligible bachelorette nominee: Eliza

You better learn to love this oil painting

Why The Haunt is Brighton’s best night out

The place to channel your inner Morrissey

SEF introduces HYPE for campus feedback

Students can now share their problems directly

How the election night unfolded at East Slope bar

Let’s head to East Slope, have a pint, and wait for all this to blow over

Did you know, there is a third bar on Sussex campus?

It’s like our very own Room of Requirement…

Trump effigies burnt in Lewes Bonfire 2016 celebrations

The only night when Guido Trump is a thing

Why go out when campus is a better night?

A good night at East Slope is better than an average one at Shooshh. It’s just a fact.

What it’s like being the only guy in the flat

You get used to being the messy one

Let’s all spare a thought for Brighton’s bus drivers

We’ve all had it in for them, but isn’t it time we empathised with these weary souls?

I drank and rated every beer in Falmer Bar

I did it so you don’t have to

Guildford is by far the most tragic hometown to go out clubbing in

One word. Casino.