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Brighton named as the second best place in the UK for events

London wasn’t even close to the top spot

Diwali comes to Sussex for a night of partying and food

The South Asian Student Society at Sussex are hosting a pretty amazing night

We asked Sussex University if Modafinil is cheating

The miracle study drug is a staple of some students’ lives, but what are the consequences?

You may have seen an MEP is banned from speaking on Sussex campus. He isn’t

The full story hasn’t been revealed

The Sussex Winter Ball is back, will you be going?

It’s baaaaaaaaacccckkkk

Do you want Sussex to win a van full of free sandwiches? Vote now for it!

Marks and Spencers have said they will deliver a van full of free sandwiches to Sussex campus

Taco Bell is coming to Brighton

Apparently there are already 18 stores in the UK

We fooled you – Sussex wasn’t actually visited by Pennywise

The truth about the red balloons that appeared around campus and Brighton

Love beer? Sussex Students’ Union are hosting a brewery tour in Lewes

Imagine Willy Wonka, but with beer

Two Sussex students have launched a carnival-themed night at Mono

Why not head on down?

Do you know your Rife from a Fret? Take our Sussex dialect quiz

Sussex used to have its own dialect that was a mix of French, Scandinavian, and Anglo-Saxon.

We played the Sussex lecture drinking game and you should too

Brighten up a boring lecture today

Here’s everything we know so far about Corbyn’s secret visit to Sussex

Who were the lucky students who met him?

Jeremy Corbyn was in the Sussex Uni Jubilee Building this afternoon

He was quite sly with it

Nominate: Who will be Sussex’s maddest fresher of 2017?

We all secretly think it should be us

Brace yourself, Ed Miliband is hosting a pub quiz in Brighton next week

Yep, just in time for the Labour party conference

Fresher Diaries: Can we talk about how good the festival was last night?

It popped off

Oh lord… The Sussex Festival tickets are selling out quick

You need to jump on this pronto

New 28-day student saver ticket now available on Brighton and Hove Buses

You will only be able to purchase this on the B&H Bus app

Daniel Wakeford of Undateables fame is to perform at The Haunt

And we couldn’t be more excited