Jenn Ficarra

Everyone thinks this girl looks exactly like Taylor Swift, but I think you’re all on crack

Maybe if you squint

Drake and The Weeknd are in a huge fight over Bella Hadid

And she’s not even the better Hadid sister

You definitely believe this huge lie about yourself, according to science

Sounds fake but okay

This woman actually did the ‘How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ method, and it’s low-key genius

It’s gone beyond love ferns

I beg of you, my friends: Do not put Vicks Vaporub in your vagina, no matter what the internet says

How is this ‘trick’ going viral?

Broke bitches on the Internet captioned this Kris Jenner photo in the most glorious ways

She’s a lifestyle

Every Uber you’ve ever been in is covered in cum, statistically

We’re all getting too comfortable

Here’s how you can actually make friends after college

It’s not that hard

Rihanna’s weird-ass vintage tweets are the only thing I care about

She’s the baddest

These girls just nailed the greatest Halloween costume of all time, so don’t even bother trying this weekend

They had to do it to ’em

QUIZ: This super scientific quiz will tell you what your hoe Halloween costume should be

Are you more of a Hoe boxer or a Hoe alien?

Playboy featured its first trans Playmate and she is beyond gorgeous

You go, Playboy! Four for you, Playboy!

Do we actually have high standards or do we just want to be treated like humans?

A question for the ages

Did Melania Trump use a body double in this press conference?

People seem to think so

Fuck playing hard-to-get

I’m over this bullshit

Looks like Kylie finally revealed her baby bump

While dancing to Travis Scott’s song!!!

How to tell if he likes you based off where he cums

Not all body parts are created equal

There’s a ‘cute’ Anne Frank Halloween costume for sale, so humanity is officially cancelled

This is what we’re not going to do…

Here’s why you should act batshit insane at the beginning of a relationship

Trust me on this one

QUIZ: Which iconic witch are you?

We can’t all be Hermione, sorry