Jamie Hewitt

A Brookes third year has created a poll to save Purple Turtle and it already has 1,000 signatures

Not my baby

VK Watermelon is coming to Atik this month

I need a lie down

All the places to go to on Halloween night this year

The excitement is real.

The top 10 places to take a date in Oxford

Stop it you’re making me blush

Freshers in Clive Booth halls are currently having to use portable bathrooms and have no hot water

At least this hasn’t happened in December

The trials and tribulations of going to uni in Oxford as a Brookes student

For Brookes students, it’s not always easy being just down the road from Oxford

The Cellar nightclub is once again in danger of closing down

Due to safety regulations The Cellar may soon be gone for good

Law exam left to wait in silence for 40 minutes while more additional booklets were found

Not ideal really

Uber-style buses will soon be up and running in Oxford

This sounds uber good

Quiz: Were the reasons why you applied to Oxford Brookes stupid or sensible?

You’re probably still making stupid decisions tbh

BREAKING: All written exams will now be taking place at the King’s Centre

The change will take place from May this year

Here’s why sorting out your student house is the worst thing you’ll ever do as a Brookes student

£600 a month for a shithole, perfect