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Baewatch: Here are the hottest beach trends for summer

You’ll never look this good again

Up your game for the festivals: Our summer style shoot

Just in time

Fashion In The Forum: Men’s Edition

Get your ankles out mate

Fashion in the Forum: Women’s edition

We’ve hit 15 degrees, and the girls of Exeter have been dressing accordingly

Fashion in the Forum: Men’s Edition

This week our Exeter lads describe who, or what, inspires them the most

Fashion in the Forum: Women’s Edition

This week we’ve spotted yet another trendy couple on Exeter’s campus

How to dress well for less than £10

Isn’t it funny that just as you’re running out of money, you have loads of things to dress up for?

Fashion in the Forum: Ladies’ Edition

This week our ladies look unusually stylish – all to keep our Exeter campus trendy and chic!

Wondering what to wear for Valentine’s?

These outfits will make you feel fabulous and prove you don’t need no man

How to get away with wearing gym clothes to lectures

Because not everyone wants their seminar tutor to know they’ve just been hitting the weights

Urban style photo shoot

Sporty urban style hasn’t gone yet, so change up your wardrobe with these key pieces to rock that urban and rough look

What to wear for the Cirque Sombre Ball

The ultimate circus has come to town – what will you wear to the ball?

Fashion In the Forum: Women’s Edition

Did you make it onto the first FITF of 2015? We found out what trends these lovely ladies have spotted around campus

Winter wear shoot

Because without clothes, you’re naked

Best dressed at the Rio Safer Sex Ball

And what underwear do they prefer on the opposite sex?

The best of Christmas jumpers

With Secret Santa housemate-times on the doorstep, what better time to rock the legendary Christmas jumper?

Safer Sex Ball style guide: The Real McCoy

Don’t know what to wear yet? We’ve gone to the shops and had a look for you

Achieving the impossible: How to look good at the gym

It doesn’t have to be baggy t-shirts and trackies

Fashion in the Forum: Mens’ Edition

Men. In. Clothes.

The inspiration you need for Halloween

Which one will you dress as tonight?

Fashion in the Forum: Ladies Edition

If there is anything missing during reading week, it is certainly not the girls’ sense of fashion

Fashion in the forum: Men’s edition

As Yves Saint Laurent said: “Fashion fades but style is eternal”. Good on you Exeter Boys

Women’s Fashion In The Forum

It’s getting cold! What are students in Exeter pulling out of their closets this week to help them stay warm?

Listen up lads, this is what girls think you should be wearing

Clue: it doesn’t involve shorts and flip-flops. Sorry

Ever wondered what would happen if you let a boy dress you for a night out?

Well we went out and found out for you

Are these the hottest bags on campus?

Whether it’s a tote, shopper or holdall; size really is everything.

Why going back in time is the thing to do in the future

Mixing vintage and streetwear is a sure fire way to create a cool individual style that’s both classic and trend conscious.

Fashion in the Forum

Exeter fashion was on top of its game this week: check it out

What just happened to Arena?

For one magical night, Itchy Feet turned Arena into a vintage wonderland, with a dance floor so good John Travolta would have been jealous.

The best dressed at Freshers’ Ball

Freshers suited up for the Freshers’ Ball on Wednesday, leaving the customary flip flops and hoodies at home.

Fashion In The Forum

Summer may be gone, but the same can’t be said for the colours on campus

How to bag a bargain at Student Lock-In

Including a full list of the discounts on offer at each shop

How to look fresh at Freshers’ Ball for under 25 quid

Save your money for the important stuff, like pre-drinks and pizza the next morning

Braids and buns: How to get it right

Fashion Soc collaborated with Elk Hair Salon to showcase some trendy hairstyles that are chic and glamorous for any event

Fashion in the Forum: The gents

All of these men dress better than you

Fashion in the Forum: The ladies

Look at all the nice clothes these people are wearing