Charlotte Scott

Why I am frustrated with white silence at University as a non-black POC

Even if you as an individual can afford to be silent, we as a society cannot

40 tube stations are closing tomorrow due to the coronavirus outbreak

Mornington Crescent, Chalk Farm and Goodge Street will all be affected

What it’s really like to self-isolate in your university room, from a student who did it

‘Three words: Deliveroo, Deliveroo, Deliveroo’

A guest who had coronavirus visited Goldsmith halls last night

Residents of the halls are self-quarantining

One of the Love Island twins is a UCL student

She was in Garden Halls for freshers

Malia Obama was at a house party with UCL students this weekend

She was also spotted at a pub in Islington

St Mary’s hospital outsourced staff on strike to become NHS employees

Over 200 outsourced workers are currently on strike

‘Don’t get rid of Phineas’: South African university with second Phineas statue defends UCL’s mascot

Yes, he’s actually called Phineas 2

UCL students are calling for the statue of Phineas to be removed due to colonial links

Phineas has been the UCL mascot since 1900

Man stabbed near Connaught Hall on Tavistock Square

It happened at 3am Wednesday morning