Mohamed-Ali Semlali
Mohamed-Ali Semlali

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What’s life like after you graduate?

This will happen to you

How to speak like a roadman, when you’re actually from a cul-de-sac

Get ready to learn, girls and boys

For my middle-class mandem: here’s how to dance to grime

I remember when grime was young

I graduated with a master’s and now work as a kitchen porter in Spoons

It taught me lessons university never did

I’ve just graduated and now I’m on Job-Seeker’s Allowance

‘Welcome to the real world, its nothing like university’.

One night stands should be consigned to history

They’re so 2002

Middle class fans are the best thing that’s ever happened to grime

They were listening to Julio Bashmore two years ago

Forget the rankings, London is the worst place in the UK to be a student

Everything is so so spenny

Behind bars: Unicom cleaner jailed for robbing student flats

The cleaner really did clean out the rooms