York is the best city in the UK for a night out, new survey finds

It was also found to be the safest city for a night out in the UK

In a new survey conducted by Get Licensed, York has been voted the best city for a night out in the UK.

With an overall score of 7.67/10, York has beaten major cities such as Leeds, London and Bristol to the top spot.

York was also voted the safest city in the UK for a night out.

Scores are based on the number of drinking venues per head, the average cost of a pint and a range of different safety concerns.

The survey results explain York has an excellent range of pubs and bars including some that are hundreds of years old and some of the most haunted venues in the country.

“York has a diverse and interesting nightlife that has something for everyone. Combining this variety with some of the best scores in every safety category, York is a great night out where you can have fun without feeling unsafe or at risk.”

York was shortly followed by Telford with a score of 7.56/10 and Warrington with 6.97/10.

York’s safety score was also the highest in the UK at 9.66 and 75.87 for walking home at night. The survey suggests York’s reputation for being a friendly city is well-founded and the top spot in the ranking is well earned.

The Get Licensed survey took data from Tripadvisor, whatpub.com for the numbers of pubs in each location as well as prices of pints from Numbeo. These factors were then combined into an overall score with each given equal waiting to find out the best night out in the UK.

The full night out rankings can be found here.

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