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Losing your friend to a one night stand is hands down the worst thing about clubbing

Will your friend ditch you for a man or will they just get too drunk and have to go home early?

In every going out group, there is almost always that one person who will down a whole bottle of vodka at pres and not make it past the kitchen, or that one person who will solely go out to find their next sexual partner.

Whether a group decides to go out on a sports Wednesday or a Kuda Tuesday, those specific members of your beloved friendship group will always find someone to hook up with in the depths of the dance floor.

Although, legend has it that members of sports teams aren't just talented on a field so people are probably in for a better experience if they choose to go out on a Wednesday night.

If your friends aren't ditching you for a man/woman then the odds are that they've either downed too much alcohol before they've left for the bus stop or they've had too many £1 shots, and as poor students these are a dream come true.

Since freshers are now away from their usual familiarities and have ditched their old innocent ways, they are now more likely to experiment away from the strict rules and curfews set by their parents.

It's no wonder you don't see your friends for hours because they've been kissing the same person for the past half an hour in high hopes that they will finally come home/invite them home with them.

Whether it be sexually exploring York's sport teams or drinking anything anyone has to offer, you should never worry about losing your friend for the night, or take it to heart if after an hour of persuasion they are successful in bagging a fun-filled night and end up leaving you amongst the crowded dance floors of drunk students. Instead, you should look forward to the drunken sexual stories that will be coming your way the next day.

University often makes it clear that it is one of, if not the best place to gain a sense of independence for the first time. So if you or your friends opt to ditch one another for someone else or merely because you've played too many rounds of ring of fire then it all acts as a learning curve (well until the next night out).

You can have a one night stand at uni and not experience the wrath of your parents the next day, you may just have to face the embarrassment of all your housemates watching your walk of shame home whilst sat in the kitchen, but don't be put off by this because you may think that others will perceive you as promiscuous and untrustworthy as you did just leave them on a night out because you'd rather spend the evening with a complete stranger.

By the same token it's okay to drink your body weight in alcohol as everybody needs to know where their tolerances lie and especially if you're a raging insomniac it could help you sleep. Besides a good night's sleep is arguably worth more than the people you just met a few weeks ago – friends can be replaced whereas when sleep is gone, it's gone.

One of the most common pieces of advice that is given to a new uni student (alongside learning how to budget well) is to start the experience single. Beginning university can bring a load of stress (and essay deadlines) whether this be from wanting to make new friends and juggling a new kind of work with four nights out a week, a one night stand could relieve some of this weight.

Pulling someone in a club always seems like the best thing since Salvation brought out £1 shots (students can still get smashed on a budget), but unlike these golden tickets one night stands are never pretty in the morning. However, meeting new people can always make you question your own appearance and personality traits, but pulling someone on the dance floor can always settle these concerns as someone is obviously attracted to you. Therefore ditching your friends for a night with someone is a good thing in the long run as it can help with your self confidence.

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One of these boys could be the next person your friend leaves you for

As long as you don't sexually explore someone from the Derwent rugby team on a Wednesday night (or anyone from Derwent to be quite frank), university is a time where everybody can try something (or in this case someone) new. This is also the time where people can gain more independence and what doesn't scream independence more than finding your own way back to your room after leaving your friends for a complete stranger the night before?