Eight things you can do while Hes West is flooded

Take advantage of this chaos!

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A fractured water pipe has caused all lectures to be cancelled so we thought we'd help you out with some ideas on what to do with your newly gifted free time.

1: Visit Campus East

You could take the time to go and wander round the *other* campus and explore the ghost town. Lol jk. Things aren't that bad on West.

2: Get Your Wellies On

The perfect opportunity for the Middle Class to get out their Hunter Wellies and splash about in the puddles. Push your housemate in the puddles, go on, it will be funny.

3: Raid NISA

COURTYARD IS CLOSED. We're going to have to stock up for the long, cold flood ahead. Yes, it's overpriced but we are in a situation of chaos and comfort food is a must whilst we wait for our beloved lectures to resume. Get some drinks although be careful because we are now unable to go to the loo until the portaloos arrive.

4: Catch up on all that reading

Lol, only joking xx.

5: Have a massive pres for Kuda

We have approximately 10 hours before Kuda opens so head to someone's flat, preferably with someone you fancy and smash out the Ring of Fire and drinking games and have the best night ever for no reason whatsoever. Warning: Do NOT break the seal – loos are out of action.

6: Browse Memes and Posts on Yorfess for flood related content

Tag your flatmate, housemate or coursemate and comment "lol," "relatable" or "us."

7: Chase the ducks and geese to a new home on the mini flood lake

Get some amusement out of Campus West's favourite residents and kindly direct them to a new playground in the flooded car park. Give them a name like Carl and befriend the wonderful wildlife Yorkshire has given us.

8: Take a nap

Finally, the best suggestion. Do it, take a nap.

Enjoy your day off Campus West, sucks to be you Campus East xox