Everything you realise after returning home from uni for the first time

After three long months of living off tinned spaghetti and vitamin C tablets…

…it sure is good to be home. Here are some of the best bits of the sweet, sweet relief of the Christmas break before returning to the borderline alcoholism and frozen pizzas in January.

Food that you didn’t have to buy!?!

Having bread that you don’t have to pick mould off of and opening the cupboards to be greeted with cakes and cheese, all the luxuries you took for granted before you moved to uni; also eating food that hasn’t passed it’s best before date.

A weekly shop is no longer part of your routine at uni, you’re left to live on Lidl Coco chunks and plain noodles for two weeks before you get paid.

Even having colour on your plate is a bit of a shock, I would happily commute home every Sunday just for my Grandma’s dinner, especially when your only previous nutrition is the gummy multivitamins your cupboard is packed with.

Having a living room

I don’ think I’ve ever appreciated having a sofa more than when I came home from my first term at university, not having to suffer either sitting on the kitchen stools or all squeeze into someone’s single bed.

You can’t beat being on your big cosy sofa with the wood burning fire; instead of sitting on your single bed with a broken heater which is either too hot or not on at all and your 12″ TV perched onto the edge of your desk.

Although, the best thing is definitely having a double bed again, and a shower that doesn’t smell of damp and has a rotting ceiling.

Feeling like a child again

You’ve finally got used to having your own house and all the freedoms this comes with. Then having to be back to a house with rules;  getting texts asking where you are or who you’re with.

The advantage of this, however, is filling a suitcase with a month’s worth of washing so you don’t have to pay the extortionate prices in halls.

Missing your York family

When all of your besties from home are still at uni so you have to cling on to the few friends who have full time jobs at home. Unlike yourself, going to uni five hours a week and spending the other hours binge drinking and watching friends, but still complain about how hard your life is.

Stealing all of your family’s food

If your family is like mine you’ll be struggling back into your accommodation block with a freezer bag full of home-made meals and a hold-all with the whole contents of ASDA in it. Along with all the luxuries that your student loan doesn’t allow like coco pops and walkers crisps.

But the biggest problem is trying to fit it all into your suitcase!