REVEALED: Almost one in five York takeaways fail hygiene standards

Don’t worry, Efe’s passed

Shocking new data has revealed that York’s takeaways are drowning in a sea of germs, dirt and dodgy chicken.

A study carried out by the Guardian has found that almost 20 per cent of takeaways in York have failed to achieve three or more stars in inspections carried out by a government health watchdog.

Efes received a positively shining four stars, indicating only minor improvements are needed.

Upsettingly, both Dominics Pizza and Jenny’s Fish and Chips received one star, putting Walmgate Bar in contention for the dirtiest junction in the country.

Even the hipsters are not safe, with Bison Coffee receiving one measly star. It seems gentrification isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A food establishment can be awarded one star for having an unclean kitchen, incidents of cross-contamination of raw and cooked food, or not having staff trained in food safety.

In total, 122 food establishments in York failed hygiene ratings by the Food Standards Agency, which includes the 10 per cent of restaurants, cafes and canteens citywide which failed to pass too.

Third-year student Matthew Hollinghurst told The Tab: “I’m not surprised really, most of the takeaways look grim. I’ve never thought any of them looked like the most hygienic of places.”

On the flipside of things, it looks like your £9k a year has been well spent on Dettol wipes and bleach. Every food outlet on campus received a five star rating, except for The Kitchen which got four. What are you playing at Alcuin?

Lancaster looks comparatively squeaky clean with only one in ten of their takeaways likely to give you a bout of food poisoning. Even grimy Leeds is more germ-averse, where 15 per cent of takeaways are not up to scratch.

The worst regions in the country included Edinburgh, the Shetland Islands, and the London boroughs of Islington and Newham, the latter of which saw over half of its takeaways fail inspections.