York is the most sociable city in the UK

According to the Natwest Student Living Index 2016

The Natwest Student Living Index 2016 crowned students of York the most sociable bunch in the UK.

Spending an average of 11.92 hours at Phat Fridays, the library or wherever the day takes them, York students topped the charts for spending the most time socialising.

Surpassing the national average of 8.89 hours, the city also overshadows Cambridge and Oxford, whose students spend the least time straying from their studies.

The index states that socialising had the largest impact on the enjoyment of courses, which means even though only 28.43 hours are spent studying per week, compared to keen Cambridge’s 47.62, the course (grades and enjoyment) being studied is not negatively affected.

The York socialites also make a lot of their money through term-time and holiday work, earning an estimated £140 per week. The average term time income from other sources, like parents and student finance, is £1,357.38- making York students the sixth most economically fortunate in the UK.

Evidently, students of York manage to balance work and play- and with the overall cost of nights out over the week averaging £6.42, who could pass on socialising?