The best tweets from YUSU election results night

No one was really paying attention anyway

Last week was awash with enough cardboard to house a homeless man for life and enough lecture disturbances to once again confirm that you were right and it was just easier to stay in bed.

It all culminated in a results night akin to the end of time as we know it. The students of York took to Twitter in their usual fashion, with sarcasm galore and less than informative remarks.

Here is the best (or the worst) of what was on offer:

Great work indicated by their lack of motivation even to stand


Being well oiled seemed key to surviving the night


A strong opening for URY presenters


If anything the toilets were a more important issue than the results


The lack of food served proved an issue for some key names


Nail biting stuff. Quite literally


The move to a camera facing role wasn’t as easy as anticipated


Strong move reading out Yaks about yourself. Kudos.


Primitive banter but still worth a chuckle


Delirious from losing, last spotted tying cardboard to a campus duck


The agonising experience wasn’t sufficient for some


Polite applause now seen as disgusting. Hands worldwide in uproar.

Alcohol is always the cure