YUsnow member to get a tattoo of his president’s face after losing a game of odds

There’s a GoFundMe page to pay for it

When Ashleigh Cork left home to attend YUsnow’s annual Tea Party, he probably thought it was a day like any other. 

Little did he know that later that day he’d lose a game of odds and have to get the face of YUsnow President Zack Ferritto Goodall tattooed on his back.

Now, a GoFundMe page has been started to raise money for the tattoo, all because of a 5/1 odds on.

Ash has done ‘a lot of stupid shit over the years’

As a condition of the bet, Zack agreed to pay for the tattoo, and so has set up the page. In a mere two hours, he’d already racked up over £100, with the target of £250 within reach.

The description reads:

Ash told the Tab: “Considering me and Zack were supposed to have a Jedi wedding and get married on last year’s ski trip I feel like I’m getting off lightly. I’m not actually sure what is worse. Honestly, I’ve done a lot of stupid shit over the years. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The inspiration

He’s been so willing to accept the terms of the bet that Ashleigh has even donated £5 to the cause himself.

Once the money has been raised, the boys will head to York’s prestigious True Colour Tattoo Sanctuary to ensure top quality in the recreation of Zack’s image.

On the success of the FundMe page, Zack said: “It’s an incredible feeling I feel so blessed… I’m more than excited, I’ve always wanted to be a tattoo.”

If you’d like to donate to help Ashleigh live his dreams, click here.