York has the 38th most employable graduates in the country

Not bad, York. Not bad


York been given a score of 73.6 out of a possible 100 concerning graduate prospects.

The Complete University Guide made York 38th out of 126 universities, placing us in the top third of all UK universities.

This year, York’s score has decreased by 0.1 points, dragging us down nine places from 2015’s ranking of 29th.

2016 still sees York in the top third, leaving Liverpool, Reading, Stirling and York St John in the dust.

We may have won the Roses, however, but Lancaster have pulled ahead to 22nd position with a score of 78.1.

The score is calculated by dividing the number of graduates who take up employment or further study by the total number of graduates with a known destination, then expressing the result as a percentage.

Tom, a York finalist, said: “I find the results reassuring in principle, although I question whether people are actually doing anything they would like to do or if they just take what they can set.”

A decent point – but, if you’re feeling as apprehensive as this, then just remember:

Another redeeming feature of UoY


Plus, we beat YSJ. It’s the little victories that count.