Butters to buff: These ugly ducklings grew into beautiful swans

And not the kind you find on the lake


Braces, puppy fat, horrendous haircuts – some never grew out of the awkward phase.

Others, on the other hand, were hit by puberty like a train.

So if you’re already feeling insecure after a less than successful Valentine’s Day, continue reading to feel even shitter about yourself.

Pemu, 18, Social and Political Science

“I used to walk into class and people started singing Sean Kingston at me. Now, thanks to the gym, I never have to hear “Beautiful Girls” again.”

Zara, 18, Maths and Economics

“I eventually grew into my teeth but the secret was to stop letting my mum cut my fringe.”

Grace, 20, Applied Social Science

“Being the fat kid at school, with dorky glasses, frizzy hair and clompy lace up school shoes wasn’t fun.

“But I wouldn’t say I’ve got “fit” at uni. I’ve ditched the glasses and discovered frizz-ease, but that’s about it.

“It’s more that I’ve mastered the flattering camera angle to hide my big nose and double chin, and layer every photo up with filters. But who doesn’t?”

Archie, 19, Writing, Directing and Performance

“Recreate this look yourself. All you need is a bandana and a moustache”

Alycia, 20, Environmental Science

“Not entirely sure how I managed to look older in the before picture…librarian chic is never a good look.”

Kimble, 18, Business and Management

“There’s always someone more fuck ugly than you in the world anyway. So stay positive. Oh, and go to the gym”

James, 20, Historical Archaeology

“My early teenage years were the cocoon to my university butterfly.”

Ed, 18, Maths and Philosophy

Ed has no secret. He maintains that he was buff then and is buff today. So really there’s no hope for any of you.

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