Meet the York fresher who is also an Italian model

‘Girls always make fun of my accent. It pissed me off at first but then I realized they fancied me’

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Meet University of York’s fresher Davide, or Dave if you’re culturally insensitive.

Davide after returning from a short trip to the local Nisa

Since starting Electronic Engineering, this handsome hero has been campus eye candy.

Tucked away in Halifax, Davide hasn’t been able to strut his stuff to the on-campus ladies. When asked about the female attention he receives on campus he simply said: “It’s always not enough.”

Davide posing innocently before he was swarmed by York’s female population

He’s modeled in Italy, which is no easy feat in the land of Dolce & Gabbana. Dave’s retired from catwalk glory however, instead choosing the Exhibition Centre as a modest venue for him to reel in seductive glances as he dashes between lectures.

“Modeling was fun but I never thought to be a full-time model. I want to make music.

He also has a sensitive side, here he embraces his best friend

Yupp, DJ Dave has a deep passion for house music with sick beats.

You could call him old school, and he claims he’s just as luxurious with his music taste as he is with his women. He’s performed a set in Mansion which was pretty sick and owns a shit-ton of records.

He hails from Modena, where they make Ferrari, a fact that he’s very proud of and likes to tell everyone at the pub. He’s also been criticized as a bit of a hipster for his love of vintage photography.

But the lure of the miserable British weather was too much for this Italian stallion to bear.

Catwalk champion.

“I came to York for my studies, it’s one of the only places in the UK to offer my course. My English is also pretty shit, and I wanted to experience the culture.”

That’s not entirely fair. Dave speaks pretty good English, although initially he couldn’t distinguish between the words “hungry” and “angry”, leading to many complications with the opposite sex.

But this clever lad learnt to use it to his advantage and his thick accent and poor vocabulary is now his winning charm when on the pull.

Suns out guns out

“Girls always make fun of my accent. It pissed me off at first but then I realized they fancied me.”

When asked if he had a preference, he had this to say: “I usually went for Mediterranean looking girls back home, but there’s also stunning English girls.”

But it hasn’t been an easy start up for this newcomer however. “My freshers experience with girls was so bad, I was pretty scared being in England for the first time, and my English was not very good.

“I couldn’t think of a way to approach British girls. But as soon as I mentioned Ferrari, I had them wrapped around my finger.”

Dave comes from a very good looking family, with two very beautiful parents and a redhead sister even prettier than he is.