Lucky fresher ‘eternally grateful’ to good samaritans who found him drunk on bicycle

They left him a note signed ‘C+C’

A foolish first year was saved from the cold by two kind strangers after he “nearly killed himself” drunk on his bike.

Two anonymous passers-by got Robert home safely, locked up his bike, and left him a souvenir note of his messy night.

Robert, or Norb as his mates call him, was pre-ing for what was “inevitably going to be a big night out” with his whole block.

He said:  “I always cycle out (stupid thing to do, so I think I’ll stop after last night) so I met them in town at Stone Roses around 11:30ish, our standard first stop.”

Before the night got hectic

The International Relations and Politics student added: “Then we went to Kuda where I don’t remember much but I apparently met a lot of people I know because they were telling me about it this morning.

“And then at some point I must have left to go get my bike to cycle home but by this point I was destroyed.

“Overzealous on the pres I think, and the exercise from cycling always seems to send the alcohol to my head – like I said, not cycling on a night out again.

Don’t drink and cycle, kids

“But clearly these good Samaritans saw me, stopped me, locked my bike up again for me and then called me a cab.

“I can remember sitting on the pavement and one of them putting their arm around me whilst I waited for the cab and I think I just put the hood on my jacket up and tried to stop the world spinning.

“This morning I found the note in my pocket with my bike keys, phone and wallet all safe (thankfully!)”

The note

As for the bike, Norb said: “Well I went back into town this morning to check it was still there (and it was) but I wasn’t in a well enough state to cycle it back, so it’s staying in town for now.

“Everyone’s going to think I’m an alcy, oh dear.”

When asked what he wanted to say to the anonymous “C+C”, the Derwent fresher said: “I’m eternally grateful and that I owe them much more than a drink and that it would be nice to know who they are.”

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