Why you should join The Tab Oxford next term

Work experience, socials, t-shirts – we’ve got it all

Last term we had more than 150,000 hits. Hilary is coming up and we want you to help us get even more.

Here’s why you should get involved.

Fun for all

Fun for all

You don’t need any experience. At all.

Whether it’s your first or 500th article, we don’t care. We’re here to help with whatever you need, and we want to hear what you have to say.  Even if you don’t have any ideas straight away, we have some up our sleeves to get you started.

You can write (almost) whatever you want

You’ll have to check with us first, but it’s very likely it’ll be a go. We want opinions, reports and features spanning everybody and everything.

Giorgia Litwin, a second year lawyer on our team says: “The Tab provides a unique platform for the student voice. you can rant, praise or question to your heart’s content. No other student newspaper gives you the opportunity to discuss things that affect students on such a personal level.

You can write as little or as much as you like

There is no long-term commitment if you don’t want there to be.  A one-off piece is just as valuable as anything else.

It looks great on your CV

The Tab is recognised by media all over the country and has millions of readers every month. Thousands of local, and sometimes national, readers get exposure to your stories. What’s more, Tab writers have landed jobs at The Telegraph, Vogue, Vice, The Times and The Sun.

You don’t have to be a writer to get involved

Photographers, marketing gurus,  social organisers: there will always be a place for you on a team. We need all of you to make us great. Jake Hatt, our resident photogapher and cameraman, says: “It’s such a radically different form of student journalism to everything else in Oxford, mainly because it doesn’t take itself seriously, it caters for everyone and is fun.

“It’s great for me because I get to do impromptu film stuff (like Come Hall With Me) that’s wacky and amusing for myself and others involved.”


Branded t-shirts, branded pens, branded condoms. All for free. You could practically live off us.

Dem t-shirts

Dem t-shirts

Just click here to sign up: it takes less than a minute and you’ll be in touch with one of us straight away to discuss what kind of ideas you have in mind.

As Giorgia points out, “Writing for some student newspapers feels like a chore, or an addition to your studies, but writing for The Tab is fun. You can write about anything that catches your eye, work with your friends, and feel genuinely interested in what you publish. There’s no opportunity like it.

“And how many other student newspapers give you the opportunity to go on a pub crawl for ‘research purposes’?”

See you all next term. It’s guna be good.