Stop revising and take this ‘which Notts club are you?’ quiz

Trent SU who?


We are often the butt of the joke. Notts? Nightlife. Please don’t make me laugh, says Bristol, Manny and London. But just because we’re in the midlands doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! The further north, the better the fun. Hasn’t anyone ever been to Leeds for god’s sake?

Notts is home to the heart and soul of nightlife. We don’t need anyone judging or justifying it. We know we have a great night out. We have the ‘wannabe cool, I listen to Stormzy in my free time’ night, the ‘I have a tie’ so I can get any girl I like night’, the ‘I do drugs so I must be cool night’ and the ‘I am so uncool I’m not even going to pretend anymore and apparently that’s the new cool’ night.

This is a direct mirror to the students and in case you were wondering, the engineers are evidently the wannabe cool night. So if you’re still unsure of where you fit in the land of green and gold, take the ultimate quiz below.