Flick Osborn

What’s your greatest achievement this year?

Apparently CUSU have been doing something afterall

CUSU: When was the last time you said sorry?

She’s been working FOR YOU all night, and here’s what FLICK OSBORN has to say. Listen up y’all, cos she ain’t sorry.


Calling commenters of The Tab. For one term only, CUSU are yours. Ask them anything you like.

CUSU Election advisor in court for child abuse

Our good ol’ student union just can’t seem to get a break.

CUSU, no one wants you!

Apathy towards student politics has reached an all-time high in Cambridge, as most of the positions in this year’s CUSU elections aren’t even contested.

Disaffiliation Fever

CUSU are right: we have good reason to fear the domino effect of disaffiliation. KATIE ZINSER gives an insight from the future into the worrying possibilities.

Selwyn (Only Just) Stands by CUSU

Selwyn students vote to re-affiliate with the student union. HEATHER MCKAY reports.

CUSU Get Loose-oo With The Purse Strings

The General Manager of CUSU, Mark McCormack, has been rewarded with a £6,500 pay rise while members of staff across the University remain on minimum wage and various campaigns continue to be underfunded.


The Tab gets its prediction spot on as Flick Osborn comes out on top in the CUSU presidential elections. Read all the action from the night, as it happened.

Presidential Pledges

The three presidential candidates in the upcoming CUSU elections, George Bangham, Greg Hill and Flick Osborn, outline why they deserve your votes.