cambridge life

Why are Cantabs so afraid to promote themselves?

We all know the feeling

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News Column: Pennying Police, Flimsy Finances and Catz and dogs

Read it to make sure you’re not in it

The anti-wellness guru guide

Just put down the quinoa

Feeling lonely? You’re not alone

If we aren’t careful, the Cambridge lifestyle can easily bully meaningful social contact out of the picture.

Ask the Italian (He’s ready for you)

Pasta? Panini? Pizza? Thought Italian food was familiar and you knew all about it? Think again.

Meet Market Square

Read till the end to get a surprise gift. I’m not kidding, there actually is one.

The Tab’s Best Dressed on Sidgwick Site

Walk, walk fashion baby

Why which college you go to matters

It has a huge influence

Reflections on Cambridge after a year abroad

When people ask me how my year abroad in Japan went, I usually say “it was interesting”.

I’ve never been as bored as I am right now

Get me back to Cambridge ASAP

Cambridge cobbles in JEOPARDY

They’re on shaky ground

SHIT COLLEGE: the central ones

What you’ve all been waiting for – vote now!

SHIT COLLEGE 2017: the far away ones

Your chance to vote on the undisputed shittiest college

Which absolutist monarch is your college?

Since all Cambridge students have egos large enough to rival Charles I

My fashion wishlist

What to want now

I’m glad I’m not living in a student house next year

‘Isn’t it your turn to wash up?’

A day of revision told through Ke$ha lyrics

Livin’ hard just like we should

I’m tired of misogynistic songs

Songs that objectify women and condone non-consent shouldn’t be at the top of our charts

Where’s your college marriage at now?

Roses are red, violets are blue, got to get married soon, I guess you’ll do

Cambridge has a big-time food problem

And it’s hitting vulnerable students hardest