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Why you still deserve your place at university even if you’re disadvantaged

You’re worth it

The Cambridge admissions process is Hell

Literal, fiery Hell.

David Lammy’s condemnation of Oxbridge ignores systematic Russell Group inequality

Lammy is right: Oxbridge is failing underpriviledged students. But admissions statistics shows that it goes beyond Oxbridge.

Things we all thought about our Cambridge interviews

Every single one of us cocked up really

It is statistically harder to get on Love Island than into Cambridge

80,000 people applied to Love Island this year

Cambridge says NO to lower offers for disadvantaged students

Access targets have also been cut.

Government report: Parts of Oxbridge “falling far behind” in state school admissions

Colleges praised and shamed in annual social mobility report

Cambridge University want to reintroduce the entrance exam

It was so easy to get in before

Everyone needs to calm the fuck down about state schools

ZACK HASSAN wants to know what the problem is with the idea of state school only colleges.

Snobby Oxford way below Cambridge in state school admissions

Oxford’s state school admissions continue to fall, whilst those at Cambridge are on the rise.

Why people at central colleges are just better

Go to a modern college? Have to cycle to lectures? CLIVE HUNTER-JONES thinks you are scum.

Private schools are destroying society

Private schools make PATRICK BROOKS angry. Really angry. And he wants you to be angry about them too.

Cam to bring back entrance exam

Could Cambridge be set to bring back another hurdle for applicants to overcome?

Eton Mess: A Response

Are Cambridge’s gates open to all? In the wake of more national press coverage for Cambridge, PRANJAL ARYA assesses who is to blame for the stereotypes that surround our university.

Cambridge Admissions in Great State

Cambridge’s state school intake hits 30 year high.

Catz Application Cock Up

St Catz sent out 400 emails to applicants congratulating them on winning places after they were REJECTED weeks earlier.

Handshake Shakeup for Interviews

Admissions Tutors have been sent a guidance video advising them on how to judge whether to handshake an interviewee.

Uni Places For Sale?

A company that helps students with their Oxbridge applications has come under fire after it was revealed that around 1 in 6 applicants pay for help getting in.

Cambridge Goes On Offensive Over Access

Both students and academics have come out against MP’s allegations over university intake, winning the support of key education groups in the process.

Race Row Reopens After PM Roasting

Attacks from David Cameron and Nick Clegg on Oxbridge admission policies have thrown the matter back into the public spotlight, but they face stinging criticism.