From snore to constant shocks: A considered ranking of every Love Is Blind season so far

Lives were changed when Lauren and Cameron got married

There have now been six seasons of Love Is Blind on Netflix, all with varying degrees of success. Some have been ultimate reality TV gold, whilst others have been a massive flop.

The experiment is chaotic by nature – you can’t expect a show that asks people to agree to get married to one another without seeing their other halves to run smoothly. But which seasons truly delivered and which ones fell flat?

Here is a ~very~ considered ranking of every season of Love Is Blind there has been so far, from worst to best.

6. Season five

All Love Is Blind seasons ranked

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Can you remember anything that happened during season five of Love Is Blind? That girl walked out because Lydia kept talking about her dating her guy before the show maybe? I remember Taylor was nice? Izzy kept talking about money? Lydia and Milton were the only successful couple…I’m getting nothing, sorry.

5. Season four

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Season four clings to any sense of worth purely on the merit that the couples who came from it are fairly cute. I enjoy Chelsea and Kwame, Bliss and Zack and Tiffany and Brett being still together. But drama it did not deliver on. No, I won’t give Micah and Irina being mean much credit.

4. Season six

All Love Is Blind seasons ranked

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After a roll of really bad seasons, Love Is Blind season six really pulled it back. And for that, I will be truly grateful. But, it can’t go unnoticed that the drama actually on the show was pretty lacking, and what was fascinating was stuff coming out about the cast members online.

Loads of angry exes came out and the cast members were accused of having relationships despite the show. Then TikTok went into a frenzy and tried to work out who was still together by catching the cast members hanging out after filming. This season gave us some pretty good villains, in the form of Jeramey, Sarah-Ann and Matthew. All round, a solid season, and the reunion was edge of your seat kinda viewing.

3. Season three

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I’m just going to name some names and then you can see why season three was such a banger. Cole and Zanab, SK and Raven, Bartise and Natalie. Each had huge dramas, and then after the show the SK and Raven cheating scandal kept us fed.

On top of its chaos, season three also gave us some really cute couples who have stayed together. Matt and Colleen had HUGE arguments during the show and, sorry to say, nobody backed them, but they’re still together. And Alexa and Brennon are expecting!

2. Season one

All Love Is Blind seasons ranked

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Season one really did have everything. The show was completely new, so we had the ultimate novelty factor of the format and not knowing any kind of drama that was coming our way. The cast members were authentic, and their chaos was real.

Never forget Gigi and Damian’s arguments and then her storming out and falling down a mudslide on their wedding day, Jessica constantly saying she was 34 and Mark was 24, and feeding her dog wine, Amber saying she wanted to break Jessica’s face not once but twice, and Diamond and Carlton having a literal slinging match over the retreat pool.

Then of course, Lauren and Cameron invented love. This season was IT.

1. Season two

It really pains me to put any season above season one, but no drama will ever beat season two’s. Love Is Blind season two gave us everything we could ever want: Fights, unhinged cast members, marriage and divorce.

Natalie and Shayne fought non-stop, and there was all the drama with Shaina showing up again. Shake became the ultimate villain and then Deepti handed his soul to him on a plate at the wedding, and then all the couples got divorced! This was scandalous!

Nick and Danielle were chaos from the start, with him making his own toothpaste whilst she went on fancy dress nights out and hosted house parties all the time, but in the end we backed them. However they ended things after the experiment, and as did Iyanna and Jarrette, who disagreed over lifestyles, too.

They just don’t make it like this anymore!

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