Izzy from season five of Love Is Blind on Netflix

Inside Love Is Blind star Izzy’s life of fancy cars and lavish holidays, despite previous debt

His lifestyle definitely doesn’t reflect the conversations he had on the show

During Love Is Blind, one of the big confessions Izzy made to his new partner Stacy is that he used to be in debt. On the show, he said he was previously in debt to the sum of $3,500, which he has since paid off, but because of this his credit score meant he couldn’t get a credit card.

Despite his previous money woes, Izzy’s Instagram tells a different story. Look, I know social media lies, but this man portrays a life of money and splashing out. He’s always on holiday, and posing in front of his mega expensive car.

Outside Love Is Blind, Izzy leads a pretty boujee life

31-year-old Izzy Zapata might have said on Love Is Blind that he’s just paid off a load of debt and has a terrible credit score, but his life outside the show is definitely a completely different story. His Instagram shows his expensive hobbies and lavish lifestyle, which is a million miles away from saving to pay off loans.

We briefly saw his huge expensive car on the show, and on Instagram he posts a lot about it. It looks as though it’s a Jeep Wrangler, which new can cost around £60k ($73k).

He also seems to spend a lot of time out having meals and at drinks, checking into rooftop bars and beach cafes. When he’s not at home, his hobbies include playing golf, which again isn’t cheap, and looking after his dog.

Izzy also clearly travels a lot, enjoying recent trips snowboarding in Colorado, chilling out on the beaches of Florida and jetting off to Jamaica.

When he joined Love Is Blind, he said he used to go on multiple dates a week

Everyone remembers when Stacy first went round to Izzy’s home during the show, and he had a “lost and found” drawer full of bits women had left in his bedroom. Ahead of the show, Izzy said he had “gone on two to three dates a week for the past year and a half,” but was still trying to find the one.

“Izzy is proactively searching for a forever type of vibe, and has gone on two to three dates a week for the past year and a half,” his Netflix bio read. “But he’s yet to meet his perfect match, because he’s often ‘not on the same page emotionally’ with his romantic partners.

“Izzy’s dream girl would be able to join him in the gym or on the beach for sand volleyball, so athletic women are top of mind. And, if she has blonde hair and beautifully colored eyes, it’s a plus. But most importantly, Izzy hopes an ‘open-minded, good communicator’ who can ‘love [him] unconditionally’ is waiting for him in the pods.”

What does Izzy do as a job?

Izzy works as an insurance agent, a job he said he had been in for a short amount of time before the show. He was previously in business sales before that, at AT&T. According to his Facebook, Izzy started his current job, at Globe Life Liberty National Agency Division, in February 2022.

Globe Life Liberty National Division is an agency “with a passion for life and supplemental health insurance products that provide coverage for hard working Americans.” His job as an independent contractor means he will be paid based on performance alone.

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