Love Is Blind season two stars Shayne and Natalie are beefing once again

Love Is Blind’s Shayne posts huge rant about Natalie calling her a ‘creature’ and ‘disgusting’

Three years after they dated on screen, he says people need to ‘open their eyes’ to the ‘pathetic situation’

Love Is Blind season two star Shayne Jansen has posted a huge rant about Natalie Lee, who he got engaged to during the show. They dated in the pods and got engaged three years ago, and have continued to have public feuds ever since.

In his latest rant, posted to Instagram, Shayne has called Natalie a “creature” and a “victim” after she again spoke of their time on the show during her podcast. Natalie now has a podcast with fellow Love Is Blind cast member Deepti Vempati, where they often talk about Love Is Blind, the new seasons, and revisit what happened to them on the show.

In the clip, Natalie was talking about the huge argument that took place between herself and Shayne the night before their wedding, which caused her to say no at the altar. She’s never revealed what happened during the fight, which she has said is to “protect Shayne’s reputation”.

Sharing the clip to his Instagram, Shayne has said he wants Natalie to invite him on her “victim podcast” to really put an end to the “pathetic situation”. In the comments he later called her a “creature” who “plays victim.”

“I’m making this a post because hopefully it will get everyone’s attention,” he said. “Invite me on your victim podcast and let’s talk. Enough is enough idk what more I have to do to prove end this pathetic situation. I’m begging you to say what happened!!! This is disgusting.”

Later in the comments section, replying to a fan, Shayne added: “I don’t talk about this creature anymore. If I say what I want it only means something with her there.” He said he’ll “give this podcast real tea” by going on it to talk himself, and said he’s “unhinged” but “I am who I am.”

“I take pride in my character and won’t let this go on anymore,” Shayne said in his comments. “I wish y’all would open your eyes and see how much more can I do to debunk everything this victim says. I am begging to go on to speak with her. If I do it [speak] alone, it will mean nothing and she will play victim.”

He later apologised for the “creature” comment and said he “regrets using the word” as it’s “completely unnecessary and disrespectful.” He added: “I’m sorry about that. Everything else I stand on business.”

Natalie and Shayne arguing on socials is nothing new since they appeared on Love Is Blind together. Two years after they were on the show they had a very public spat, which was again about Natalie speaking about Shayne on her podcast.

She and Deepti had been talking about finances, which had been hot topic in Love Is Blind season five at the time. Natalie explained she and Shayne had similar conversations, and claimed he had lied to her about finances. In a post Shayne snapped back: “She wish she said yes at the alter. SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP ABOUT ME”.

It’s been a messy few years!

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