Lydia Millen

One year on from The Savoy scandal, this is what Lydia Millen is up to now

She got caught up in another controversy recently

We all remember that day last year when we saw a video of a posh, rich influencer saying her heating was broken so she was heading to London to check in to five star hotel, The Savoy. We were in the middle of a cost of living crisis, probably making ourselves feel guilty for turning on the heating, and most of us had never even heard of a Lydia Millen. But now, it’s been a whole year since the Lydia Millen scandal happened.

In her TikTok about checking into The Savoy, she said: “The heating is currently broken in my house so I’m heading down to London. I’m checking into The Savoy and I’m going to make full use of their wonderful hot water, so let’s get ready for the day.” She then proceeded to get dressed, listing an outfit that cost over £30k.

Since then, her career has actually gone upwards. She’s gained more Instagram and TikTok followers, and is still doing loads of adverts and videos on YouTube. On top of all that, she’s also published a book.

Lydia Millen is still an influencer, now with an even bigger following across Instagram and TikTok

Clearly scandal didn’t have too much of an adverse effect on Lydia’s career, because since The Savoy drama she’s gained more followers, and is posting more now than ever. She has 1.3million followers on Instagram and 1.1million on TikTok. At the time of her scandal she had 700k on TikTok, where she posted the video.

Lydia has been doing loads of adverts on Instagram, and you guessed it, they’re all with fancy brands most of us have never heard of. She and her husband have done sponsored posts with the likes of Clive Christian perfume (up to £500 a bottle, yes really), and she’s recently done a paid partnership with Fairfax and Favor, a luxury lifestyle brand, advertising some boots that will set you back £400.

Her TikTok is much more lifestyle based, at her country home in Buckinghamshire. She posts videos of her gardening, out with the animals on her land and of her daily routine. Think sponsored get ready with me videos with designer brands, lots of knee-high boots and picking carrots in a coat worth £1,000.

She’s written and published a book

In the last year, Lydia has also written a book. Published in October, Lydia Millen is now the author of Evergreen: Discover the Joy in Every Season. The book is sectioned into seasons, and “guides you to reconnect with nature and find balance throughout the inevitable ebb and flow of life.”

The book description reads: “Inspired by the wisdom of the natural world, Evergreen is the essential guide for anyone who is looking to unearth their inner strength and bring more joy and contentment into their everyday.”

Even this part of her life is expensive – right now you can only buy a hardcover physical copy of the book, and it’s £16.49 on Amazon.

Recently, Lydia Millen was called out for using a slur

In September, Lydia found herself in hot water again when she was talking about the process of writing her book. She spoke of being inexperienced in writing her first book, and referred to herself as a “m*ng”.

Following the video, Lydia explained she didn’t mean the term in that context, and instead claimed she had used the word “in regards to a mongrel mixed breed dog” and her own “scruffy appearance”.

Commenting on the original video, she said: “Hi everyone, I’ve just come online and seen some of the comments on this video. I want to absolutely clarify that the word in question was said in regards to a scruffy (mongrel mix breed) dog, in direct reference to my scruffy appearance.

“I wanted to comment immediately as I would never use a word/this word to offend anyone and I want to make this absolutely clear. Thank you for your messages & comments, Lydia x”

Of course, her YouTube channel is still thriving

Naturally, Lydia is still posting on YouTube up to three times a week, unboxing gifted items and getting dressed for afternoon tea. Her recent videos have all been Christmas themed, including getting her nails done for the festive period and decorating her mansion.

Lydia Millen has a net worth of  £1.6million

According to FamousPeopleToday, in 2023 Lydia Millen has a net worth of £1.6million.

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