The first teaser notification has pinged! Here’s when Spotify Wrapped 2023 is landing

Can’t wait to once again be told I streamed nothing but Taylor Swift

I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but it is once again almost time for Spotify Wrapped 2023 – and we’ve got a pretty good idea of  when it is coming. Last night, phones across the country got a heart pounding notification from Spotify giving its first teaser of the year that Spotify Wrapped 2023 looms. Spotify has already stopped counting your streams for the year, so all that’s left is the stats. Buckle up, here’s when Spotify Wrapped 2023 is coming based on teasers, logic and the past.

When is it COMING?

Last year, Spotify Wrapped sent out its first teaser on the exact same date as this year – 20th November. Here at The Tab, we covered it a year ago today on 21st, after Spotify sent it out on the night of the 20th. If Spotify follows the same pattern as last year, then we should expect to see Spotify Wrapped release on 30th November 2023. It could be earlier, but latest would be the first week of December. No need to try and stream anything else to alter your stats, though – Spotify stops counting in October. This is presumably to filter out any festive streams – something I am against! If I’ve hammered Mariah Carey, tell me.

Ignore the fact I was streaming Lily-Rose Depp’s fake pop song for The Idol and look at the message. After Spotify declared how much I streamed in 2022, the first teaser says will 2023 be higher or lower. “All will be revealed soon in your 2023 Spotify Wrapped” – but no specifics on when it is coming. However, end of month, early December is more than likely.

What even is Spotify Wrapped?

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Since 2016, Spotify sends you an end of year breakdown of your year’s listening habits including how many minutes you’ve streamed for, who you’ve streamed the most, what your top songs are and a playlist of your most listened to of the year. They spice it up with new features every year, too. It’s essential and iconic. Bring on this year’s.

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