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Adrienne from MAFS UK only found out about Matt and Shona through Erica telling her

She asked Shona and Matt to ‘keep my name out of your mouth’

After the final MAFS UK reunion, Matt and Shona were finally able to reveal that they had been “secretly dating” for five months, as Matt had to pretend he was still married to Adrienne. Shona had previously been married to Brad, but she and Matt met for the first time at the reunion and developed an “instant attraction” to each other.

But Adrienne only found out about Matt and Shona being in a relationship together because Erica told her, and explained that none of the cast members reached out to be there for her except for Porscha.

Adrienne and Matt did renew their vows on MAFS UK, but at the reunion, they were no longer together after a breakdown in their communication. Since then Adrienne has revealed that the decision to end the relationship was mutual and she’d been left confused by Matt’s behaviour at the reunion.

“Matt and I’s relationship now is minimal, to say the least. The reunion was very, very difficult. After the experiment, I’d gone home to some devastating news basically, and when I did try and be in my feelings it was like ‘well I’ve gone through hard times too.'”

Speaking about seeing Matt at the MAFS UK reunion, Adrienne said: “In the reunion, there was a lot of negativity around the way that we finished but we ended things mutually, which is why I was so confused at the reunion because it was like ‘I’m going to blame you for all of this’ and I was like ‘Whoa. We ended this mutually’, I was so confused.”


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Adrienne and Erica discussed how she found out about Matt and Shona’s relationship with Adrienne saying: “I found out about Shona and Matt, you [Erica] rang me, and at that time I did have a message from Shona in my DMs, but I hadn’t read it at that point. And you rang me and you were like ‘What the hell, Matt’s just been on the phone.'”

Erica then explained that she found out “because Matt told Jordan, and Jordan was like ‘don’t say anything yet because Shona is going to message Adrienne’ and I was like ‘I’m not keeping in this information, like Adrienne is my girl, my best friend she needs to know.'”

Adrienne went on to say “All the cast try to make out that everybody’s there for each other, but not one person messaged me and the one person that did was Porscha. And she said ‘You don’t have to explain how you’re feeling but if you are feeling a certain way then obviously you’re entitled to feel however the hell you want to feel.'”

As for how Adrienne feels about Matt and Shona’s relationship now she’s left MAFS UK, she said: “I hope that they do make it work but just keep my name out of your mouth.”

It’s like the Will Smith slap all over again.

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