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They’re more than just pretty faces! Here’s where the MAFS UK 2023 cast went to uni

Luke should have studied boxing, clearly

If there’s one thing that this year’s cast of Married At First Sight UK have excelled at, it’s beefing with one another. I’m talking screaming rows, (pushing) fights and cheating scandals. But would you believe loads of the cast went to university prior to becoming the shining TV personalities that they are now? I’d love to know what it was like sharing a student flat with Peggy and would definitely have loved watching Georges play sport – for the first team, no doubt.

It’s easy to forget that they’re all real people with real jobs, and that a lot of them aren’t afraid of a bit of graft either. Whilst not all of the cast went to uni, it’s arguable that they’re all thriving in their own ways. So drama aside, this is where those from the MAFS UK 2023 cast went to uni.

Laura – University of Plymouth

I was not shocked at all to hear Laura want to uni. She’s well rounded and just seems so worldly, so I expect that’s got something to do with the three years of turmoil and carnage that is university. Studying at the University of Plymouth, Laura studied English language which is interesting, as I expected something a bit more maths-y for a finance manager.

Paul – Bournemouth University

In true southener style, Paul didn’t stray too far from his home in Chesham and chose to study at a university only a stone’s throw or so away, in Bournemouth. I imagine he felt pretty free and at peace down there by the beach. While studying at Bournemouth University, he also partook in American Football, putting his height, and those muscles, to good use.

Thomas – ROHO and Loughborough University

Graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London, with a BSc (Hons) in business and management, Thomas is one of the top grafters out of the 2023 cast of MAFS UK. Not only that, but he even took part in Royal Holloway’s community projects between the years of 2016 and 2018, volunteering for various NGOs while staying in Jakarta, Indonesia. And then to top it all off, he decided all that wasn’t enough and decided to complete his post grad at Loughborough University in finance and investment. I appreciate the graft – we can’t all be stellar pupils like you, Thomas.

Peggy – University of Sheffield

Now we all know Peggy is a brain box – being a technology risk partner is no walk in the park (I would not know). But what I didn’t expect is to ever bump into Peggy up north – which some of you must have, as she went to the University of Sheffield. Imagine preeing with Peggy. Wild.

She studied a BA in business and information management, which is right up Thomas’ street. And of course she got a 2:1, which she defo used to land her new position in adult pantomime.

Georges – UWE Bristol

I feel like Georges has lived a thousand lives. He really has done it all, or so it seems so from his Instagram. Big on his sports and fitness, it’s no shock to any of us that he studied sports physio therapy. It couldn’t be more fitting. Studying at UWE Bristol, I reckon he fit right in down there. He’s the definition of a Bristol rugby boy if there ever was one.

Erica – Bird College

Hearing that Erica went to Bird College was actually really interesting, as I don’t feel she came across as staged or as a drama queen at all on MAFS. Studying at the conservatoire of dance and musical theatre definitely explains her confidence however, as we know she’s not one to let people walk over her.

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