Instagram close friends grid post

Omg you can now do Insta grid posts just for your close friends, here’s how to do it

Forever now panicking that I posted a drunk pic on the main and not close friends grid

Going to make a bold claim and say that the invention of Instagram close friends stories was the best thing it ever did. You started your Insta account when you were 12 and have too many people from school who you can’t even remember following you now that it’s way too scary to post on your main story.

But from today, you can make grid posts just for your close friends. This is great in theory but in reality, it’s another thing to anxiously fret over whether you’ve actually just posted on your main feed and the random boy you met in the pool in Spain when you were 12 is watching the innermost workings of your life.

So how do you actually make a close friends grid post on Instagram?

To make a close friends feed post you need to tap on the plus button at the bottom middle of your screen. Then press post rather than story. You can pick up to 10 pics just as you can with a normal grid post. Press next in the top right to edit your post and then next again when you’re done editing.

Instagram close friends grid post

Then there’s a new option on the next screen called audience. Tap that and select close friends. Just press done at the bottom and share it as you normally would on the top right.

You will know you’ve been added to someone’s close friends if you see a round green icon with a white star inside.

Instagram close friends grid post

Anything related to the post shared with your close friends, including likes, comments, and shares, will be visible to everyone on the list but there isn’t any option to request to be a part of the lists.

How do you add a close friends list?

To add someone to your close friends press your profile picture to go onto your profile. Then press the three lines in the top right corner of the screen. Press close friends and choose the followers you want to add and press done when you’ve added who you want. People won’t be notified when you ad or remove then from your list.

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