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He’s back! Cure your trauma over the return of David Cameron with these 21 iconic memes

Nothing makes me prouder of my country than memes of the British public

Well, well well. I don’t know if you’d call this deja vu or just an insane stroke of bad luck, but David Cameron is officially back in Downing Street – and the internet’s reaction has not been one to disappoint. After a chaotic few days in office which saw Suella Braverman sacked and David back in office, how else could the internet celebrate than via iconic David Cameron memes?

Following David’s swift exit as Prime Minister in July 2016, spotting him yesterday striding back into number 10 like nothing’s changed dug up some weird feelings. I for one was not ready for the jump scare. Halloween is over, David.

Join me in my state of unrest and enjoy these 21 David Cameron memes to commemorate his return.

1. They better remember my sandwich order

2. You’ve got to respect the grind

3. He practised that walk for weeks

4. Meh

5. Since when did Mumsnet roast so hard

6. I’d almost forgotten the trauma

7. In true Muppet form

8. Honey, I’m home!

9. And so are the pig memes!

10. I don’t think this will ever not be funny

11. Trigger warning

12. A perfect time to dig this up


14. The whole of the UK right now

15. Excuse me x

16. This really is a duff duff scale moment

17. Who is making these

18. This one aged like fine wine

19. And we thought British politics had pulled our legs for the final time

20. You don’t even need to be French to understand this one

21. Ok, I’ve heard enough

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