Imogen from Too Hot To Handle announces she is pregnant

Guys, Imogen from season four of Too Hot To Handle is pregnant!

No, Creed is not the dad

Imogen Ewan from season four of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix has announced she is pregnant! Imogen was a late arrival in the latest season of the show, and has since announced she is with someone new and expecting her first child.

Announcing her news on Instagram, Imogen said it’s been over a year since she filmed season four of Too Hot To Handle, and a lot has changed since. “Merry Christmas from my not so little secret and I,” she said. “It’s been over a year since filming for THTH and safe to say a lot has changed. You were a surprise to us both my sweet little girl but we can’t wait to meet you.” 

Imogen hasn’t posted about who she is with now, but a few people have been guessing who they think the baby’s father is in the comments, with Imogen replying to one saying “bingo”. Of course, a lot of people have been questioning if the father is Creed from Too Hot To Handle, but both he and Imogen have joked it’s not. According to the comments, it is entrepreneur Tremaine Fernandez.

Commenting on Imogen’s post sharing the news, Creed said: “THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited for this little angel to enter the world and shine bright like her mother. You are going to be such an amazing mum and your daughter is so lucky to have you to look up to. You are such a sweetheart Immy and deserve the best”. 

Another of their co-stars, Kayla, added: “My beautiful friend! I’m so happy for you ❤️ and I love you to bits and your little bundle of joy !!!” Seb from the show said: “I’m so proud of this announcement Imogen ❤️ I’m so happy for you and the new lease of life that you’re about to bring to the world. You’ll make an amazing mother and everyone’s blessed to have you in their life! Can’t wait to be Uncle Seb.”


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