These are the wildest transformations from the cast of Too Hot To Handle season four

I don’t even recognise them all!

Too Hot To Handle is all about a bunch of conventionally good looking people who struggle to not have sex – so finding out that the cast of season four have all had pretty dramatic transformations to get to where they are now might be a bit of a surprise.

Over the years the cast members from the Netflix dating show have changed their looks and vibes a lot. They might look like the hottest people on the planet right now, but back in the day they were all baby-faced and awful at makeup, just like the rest of us. There’s hope!

Here’s a look at the dramatic transformations the season four cast of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix have had.

Seb Melrose

Too Hot To Handle season four cast transformations

via Instagram @sebmelrose / Netflix

Ok, Seb just looks like a lil baby version of himself in old pictures. Which he is. He has definitely grown into his Too Hot To Handle era.

Kayla Richard

Too Hot To Handle season four cast transformations

via TikTok / Instagram @kaylarichart

I am SHOOK at how different Kayla looks in pictures of her on social media way before she was on the show. There are quite a lot of old pictures of her in her tagged posts on Instagram, and she looks like a totally different person.

via Instagram

Kayla’s entire vibe has changed. An obvious one is that she used to have braces and now doesn’t, but on top of that she’s dramatically changed her makeup look, and her hair is totally different. Kayla used to have much darker, more filled in eyebrows and in recent pictures, her lips appear fuller.

Nick Kici

I just need everyone to be aware of when Nick had a bleach blonde buzzcut. Nothing more.

Flavia Laos


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A TikTok has shared some before and after pictures of Flavia from Too Hot To Handle season four. In the older pictures she has much lighter hair, her lips appear less full and her eyebrows are loads different. As someone in the comments has pointed out, “Flavia was always beautiful”.

Creed McKinnon

Too Hot To Handle season four cast transformations

via Instagram @creedmckinnon

Creed has kept some old pictures of himself up on Instagram, and he had such a baby face when he was younger. Who knew he’d grow up to go on a Netflix show and break multiple hearts?

via Instagram @creedmckinnon


Imogen Ewan

Too Hot To Handle season four cast transformations

via Instagram @imogenewan

Imogen was a late arrival on Too Hot To Handle, and literally blew everyone away with how stunning she is. Imogen also has loads of old pictures on her Instagram, and between now and then, has gotten so glam it’s unreal.

via Instagram @imogenewan

Imogen also used to be blonde!

Ethan Smith

Too Hot To Handle season four cast transformations

via Instagram @smithethan

Ethan, who was a late arrival in Too Hot To Handle season four, hasn’t had the most dramatic of all transformations, but he used to be blonde! It suits him so much?!

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