The MasterChef conspiracy theory on TikTok

There’s a wild theory MasterChef has a p*nis-shaped item in every episode and I’m convinced

This simply MUST be on purpose

Guys, there’s a conspiracy going around TikTok at the moment called the “MasterChef cock and balls theory” and all I have to say is one word: Compelling.

A TikTok account has been tracking every time a penis-shaped item has been spotted in the current MasterChef: The Professionals series and it’s been so many times there must be something going on here. It really looks as though someone in production has been laughing at us, and now the world has caught on.

The videos have all been uploaded to the TikTok account mysteriously with no caption or context, and are very much just letting the videos do the talking. The first one shows two eggs and what looks like some rhubarb, shaped suspiciously like a penis and balls.

One could be a funny coincidence, but there are MORE. The next video is when the TikTok account started calling it the MasterChef “cock and balls conspiracy theory” and shows a bottle with two limes placed a little too perfectly either side of it. Another video shows a knife placed between two lemons, and all in all, they’ve left the people convinced and invested.

“I’ve seen two of these videos and honestly that’s more than enough for me to believe it,” one person said. Another added: “You know what… I believe you.” Another person called it “a proper theory I can get behind,” whilst someone else pretty accurately summed it up as “the single most important conspiracy of our time”.

“Suddenly everything makes sense in life” is a personal favourite comment of mine, of someone clearly have a full existential crisis over the idea MasterChef has penises everywhere. Same. Some of the videos have had over 2million views on TikTok, and the account has had over 800k likes across its uploads. We are in a CHOKEHOLD.

Unfortunately, there was no cock and balls spotted in the finale episode of the series, but the TikTok account holder posted saying they will not rest until the theory is blown open. “They were on to us,” the most recent video said. “There are no cock and balls. But clearly this is real. I will not rest until the cock and balls conspiracy is blown wide open.”

“Please stay safe, they clearly don’t want us to know,” one comment on the final episode’s TikTok said. However one person has said they did spot a pepper mill and two bowls in the last episode of the show, so the account might have missed it!

The Tab reached out to the BBC for comment, and was told “we won’t be giving comment on this one, but thanks for the offer.” The silence is deafening.

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