Stephen Bear said the CCTV capturing him and Love Island’s Georgia Harrison was ‘funny’

He also told the court he put in ‘a great performance’ on the video

Stephen Bear told a court accidentally filming himself having sex with Love Island’s Georgia Harrison was “funny” but insisted it is “complete lies” he sent the CCTV footage to someone on WhatsApp. The reality TV personality is currently accused of voyeurism and two counts of disclosing private, sexual photographs and films. He has denied all charges.

It was reported that Bear made just under £40,000 from his OnlyFans account after allegedly uploading the video of him and Georgia having sex. A court heard the video was sent to over 1,000 of Bear’s OnlyFans subscribers.

Bear gave evidence in court and told jurors when he realised he may have filmed him and Georgia having sex on his CCTV camera, he “thought it was funny.” He said: “You would think it’s funny, you know what I mean. She laughed. We played it on the monitor screen. We watched it back on that and then asked for a copy of it.

“Straight away of course I said I will send you a copy. Straight away she told me to delete the footage. Straight away no questions asked. Why would I want that on my phone? We had sex in the sun bed shop and there is CCTV in the sun bed shop. My intention was to catch up with a friend – sex was a bonus. To be filmed is quite funny.”

Stephen Bear court case

via Twitter @stephen_bear

Bear claimed no one else had seen the footage caught on CCTV apart from himself and Georgia Harrison. When asked by his defence barrister if he had sent the footage to a friend on WhatsApp, he said: “That’s complete lies. No one has ever seen the video apart from us two. And that’s it.” When asked if he had uploaded it to his OnlyFans, Bear said he didn’t know “of any video being uploaded.”

Bear was also asked if he had “put in a good performance” on the footage, and he said he puts in “the best performance every time” he has sex. “I would say that’s an amazing session I had with a lady. I must have put in a great performance.”

It was previously said that Georgia went to Bear’s house in Essex for a cup of tea and it ended up as an all-day drinking session and returning to Stephen Bear’s house. Bear said: “I went out the night before. I was hanging. That morning it was like ‘do you want to get a cup of tea?’ and she came around for a cup of tea. I was like ‘f**k I need to get my car cleaned.’ We went to get the car cleaned and ended up going for some food. I got smashed, yeah it was mad.”

The trial continues.

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