Nativity Mr Poppy Mr Maddens quiz

Take this quiz to find out if you’re more like Mr Poppy or Mr Maddens in Nativity

If you get Mr Maddens, deal with it!

If there is a Christmas film that everyone collectively enjoys, it’s Nativity. There is no Christmas movie that can make you laugh the way Mr Poppy and the St Bernadette kids have a rumble with the Oakmoor kids do. It’s a classic with truly the most iconic characters about! Within every friendship group, you’ve got the humble mother of the group who can be pretty boring at times and you’ve got the wild party animal, who also happens to be the youngest of the group. These two people are pivotal to any friendship group and are obviously intrinsically linked to Mr Maddens and Mr Poppy from Nativity.

Each time Christmas rolls around, people everywhere watch Nativity and often see similarities in either themselves or their friends in a lot of the characters. You’ve probably always wanted to take a Nativity quiz to see if you’re more like Mr Poppy or Mr Maddens. So, tis the merry season to find out if Mr Poppy or Mr Maddens from Nativity, take this not-so scientific but fairly accurate quiz:

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