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All the Love Is Blind season three cast members who have stayed friends since the show

They call themselves ‘the pod squad’🥺

The whirlwind that was Love Is Blind season three has been over for a few weeks and while some of the drama has died down, the fallout of it all is next to none. It’s safe to say not all the cast members are on the best of terms, especially considering the outcome of a lot of the weddings. Some of the cast members have stayed in touch with one another and seem to still be just as good friends as they were when they were on the show, but for some, it may not be the case. These are all the Love Is Blind season three cast members who have remained friends since the Netflix series aired

Colleen, Zanab, Raven, Nancy and Alexa

I don’t think there’s been a Love Is Blind season where all the women have stayed friends. Colleen, Zanab, Raven and Nancy are often pictured together and are always going for drinks and having dinner with one another. Alexa is often missed out of these reunions but she’s booked and busy so hardly a worry! In a wholesome Instagram post, Raven gushed about her co-stars, saying how grateful she is for them all.

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She said: “I’m so grateful for these amazing friendships. Everyday I’m inspired by their kindness, beauty and strength and I truly don’t know where I’d be without each of these ladies in my life. Podsquad forever.”

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Nancy and Bartise

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Nancy and Bartise didn’t end on the best of terms on Love Is Blind, after he said no to Nancy at the altar. Bartise said he and Nancy spent around a month apart after their wedding day with zero communication. He said: “A month later, she texted me and said, ‘Hey can we talk and kind of decompress together and go through everything?'” Bartise shared that they both spent “five hours” talking over everything over dinner and drinks and eventually decided to be friends. Bartise told Us Weekly the two are now “cordial work acquaintances”, whatever that means.

Matt and Brennan

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Matt and Brennan are still friends from their looks of their Instagram photo together. Matt shared a photo of the two at a bar and captioned it: “Married men”. You’ve got to love a bromance!

Raven and Loren

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Loren briefly appeared on Love Is Blind season three but unfortunately her storyline didn’t go beyond the pods as she did not get engaged in the end. In December 2021, before anyone knew who the new cast would be, Raven posted a series of pictures on her Instagram and said: “My heart is so full”. Very wholesome they’re still friends with the larger pod group. Zanab also seems to be friends with Loren also as she comments on her Instagram photos.

Anthony, Cole and Bartise

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Anthony was another cast member on Love Is Blind season three that a lot of people have forgotten about, largely because he didn’t get engaged in the end. But, he is still friends with Cole and Bartise and even went to a basketball game together in Dallas. Anthony shared a photo of the trio on his Instagram along with two women.

Ashley and Zanab

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Ashley was another member of the podsquad on Love Is Blind season three and she seems to still be good friends with Zanab. In a wholesome Instagram post, Ashley said they may not have found husbands on the show but they did find “wifeys”. Ashley wrote: “Zae, you have the most thoughtful nature, the most genuine intentions and you are stronger than one can even begin to imagine. You show up when it counts, every time and stand up for those you care for and for what you believe in. You’re a rare soul!”

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