GCSE general knowledge quiz

If you can’t pass this general GCSE knowledge quiz, hand back every qualification you have

I guess I didn’t need them anyway x

All of us have that regular thought of wondering if we could pass exams we took years ago now. I’m always in one of two moods, at both extremes: I think put me in a room full of year 11s sweating over chemistry and I too would crumble, or my other toxic trait is thinking that these days, I could get full marks in every subject, without even trying. But this GCSE quiz is finally going to tell you the truth.

It’s definitely been years since you looked a GCSE revision guide up and down, but will that stop you passing them? Do you remember secondary school biology, chemistry or physics? English language and literature? Whatever the hell they tried to tell us was crucial information for the rest of our lives in maths?

In the quiz below there are some questions from the core GCSE subjects, as well as a few from the most popular options students choose to take at GCSE level. All you have to do is pass. That’s literally it. Are you as smart as you think you are? Are you about to feel incredibly seen, and as though every qualification you have glowing on your CV is actually a lie? Sorry if this doesn’t turn out how you want it to, but good luck!

Take this GCSE quiz to see if you actually deserve any of the qualifications you have:

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