N-Dubz concerts

From fights to cancelled gigs: All the carnage that’s happened at the N-Dubz concerts

Creasing at Wes Nelson telling people goodbye as they’re being escorted out for fighting

N-Dubz have well and truly returned and all of a sudden it feels like the early 2000s once again. November kicked off their tour and if you’ve been on TikTok lately, you would have seen just how much chaos has ensued at these concerts. From fights happening left, right and centre to Dappy straight up shouting at the security guards, the N-Dubz concerts have been nothing short of straight up carnage. If you think that one fight you’ve seen several different angles of was the only chaotic thing to happen at the N-Dubz concerts over the last couple of weeks, you’d be so wrong. Here is all the straight-up carnage that has been going down at the N-Dubz concerts:

Tulisa’s wig fell off during one concert

I wish I was making this up. In a series of photos, one TikToker showed Tulisa’s wig just slide right off her head while she was performing. It seems that Tulisa did eventually notice but all in all, quite embarrassing.

Their Nottingham show was cancelled while everyone was in the venue

One of their concerts that made headlines is their latest Nottingham show. After the support acts performed, a notice went up on the screens in the venue, telling fans the show was cancelled. The notice read: “We are very sorry to announce that due to artist illness, tonight’s performance has been postponed and will be rescheduled. We understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by this late announcement; however, it is just not possible for the artists to go ahead this evening.”

Tulisa later apologised for the inconvenience caused and the tour date has been rescheduled for December 2022.

A group of people were pulled out of front row for fighting

If there is one thing about N-Dubz, it’s that their songs are definitely not the kind of songs you’d get into a massive brawl over. In one TikTok video, security staff were seen dragging people out of the front row and that was before N-Dubz even came on. Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled shouldn’t make you do this people!!

There was a fight at the Birmingham show during Wes Nelson’s set

It just didn’t stop because security swarmed through the crowd to attend to someone who they thought had passed out, but instead it was a fight. Wes Nelson can be heard telling the crowd to split apart to allow for the security to get through and even stopped his set. He asked the crowd: “Is there a fight? Oh sh*t”, and then starts to laugh as they begin to get pulled out of the crowd. I can assure you, no Wes Nelson song warrants this.

Dappy just started shouting at the concert security

In another series of events, Dappy begins shouting at one of the security guards and has to be calmed down by Tulisa. At this point, it’s just comical. Dappy tells the security guard to “not to do that” and asks if he is “for real”, before being dragged back onto stage with Tulisa. He then begins to tell the crowd to boo the security guard while Tulisa tries to defuse the situation. Poor security guard x

And there were even more fights

Name me one N-Dubz song that gets you in the mood for a fight like this, because honestly there are none! At the Bournemouth show one TikTok shows the concert security being shouted at and it’s not really clear why. Security can be seen trying to lift someone from the floor and being told to “f**k off” by another person. They then all get escorted out, it’s quite the drama really.

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