MAFS UK Whitney regrets

Whitney from MAFS has said she wishes she’d left the experiment and not stayed with Matt

‘I’m gonna say it: I do have regrets’

Married at First Sight UK might be over, but the drama isn’t – Whitney from this year’s MAFS has now shared that she regrets staying in the experiment at all!

Whitney Hughes also said the show only aired certain parts of what she said on the show in regards to continuing on in a couple with Matt, and that she was not as all in for it as it may have suggested.

‘I’m surrounded by bad vibes’

Speaking on a Q&A, Whitney said: “I’m gonna say it: I do have regrets. I kind of wish I had just left the experiment right there and then. What you guys didn’t see is I actually said I didn’t know whether I did want to stay in the experiment. You only saw the part after I was convinced I should stay.

“What I actually turned around and said was that I was surrounded by bad vibes and didn’t want to be surrounded by such negativity from people with such strong opinions – I don’t want to be in that environment.

“I do trust my judgement in life and feel like I am a good judge of character, but there are some regrets there.”

Whitney then continued, saying: “The questions you guys are asking are are Matthew and I together, are we friends, and the answer to those questions is no. We don’t speak anymore, we’re not friends, we won’t be getting back together ever. That’s all done and dusted.

Well, there we are then – Whitney regrets staying on MAFS UK. A bad day if you’re one of about six people who were rooting for them to be a couple.

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