All the spooky stories from The Midnight Club on Netflix, ranked from crap to creepy

Like the rest of the show, these were a mixed bag

Mike Flanagan’s latest vehicle in what Netflix has unfortunately named “The Flanaverse” is his adaptation of Christopher Pike’s The Midnight Club. In The Midnight Club, the kids of Brightcliffe Hospice gather to tell each other scary stories – and in a meta twist, the stories that the teens tell each other are other Christopher Pike books. It’s only natural that some of the stories are better or worse – so here’s all The Midnight Club spooky tales ranked from crap to creepy!

9. Julia Jayne’s story

Listen here, Ilonka: You can’t just rattle off some Brightcliffe Hospice history and claim it as your own story. Those aren’t the rules and you know it! We don’t even hear the end. Bit of a flop.

8. See You Later

This overlong, boring, naff Black Mirror rip off that Amesh tells the group is the worst full length story, even if the kiss between him and Natsuki at the end is sweet. It’s just the most bang average sci-fi tale that everyone and their gran has already heard a billion times.

7. The Eternal Enemy

The Midnight Club stories ranked

The only reason I’m letting The Midnight Club off for one of their stories being such a rip off and getting ranked higher than the one that came first is because it deals with Spencer’s AIDS story in a more interesting way. I think it’s great that these stories are being told on a show clearly aimed towards younger viewers.

6. Road to Nowhere

Natsuki’s full story is a pretty good and creepy story of a time loop that ends up revealing her suicide attempt backstory, and it’s reasonably effective even when the horror and sci-fi genre is swamped with this exact thing. I love that the two hitchhikers though represent the parts of Natsuki telling her to carry on and hurt herself and try and persuade her not to. It’s a decent and effective metaphor.

5. The School Girl Ghost

The Midnight Club stories ranked

This one is barely even a story, just an atmospheric set piece with a Guinness World Record breaking 21 jumpscares. It still makes the top five though, because of how ridiculous it is! The jump scares are relentless and pretty funny in the end, but I actually think the presence of the figures in the windows at the start is really eerie!

4. Gimme a Kiss

The Midnight Club stories ranked

I love that for Sandra’s story, Mike Flanagan goes full arthouse and creates a campy noir whodunnit in black and white. Annarah Cymone proves herself to be one of the most versatile cast members when she steps out of the devout Sandra’s shoes and into this story’s heroine’s. It’s giving big stylised American Horror Story vibes and I’m here for it – even if it does drag on a bit.

3. Witch

I’m a sucker for a witchy story, and I’m actually dying for a full Mike Flanagan witch film or Netflix series and preferably sometime soon. Ilonka’s second go at one of The Midnight Club stories is a lot better than the first one ranked here, and the parallels between a witch who juggles with life and death and what happens with Anya is heartbreaking.

2. The Two Danas

The Midnight Club stories ranked

I love this story that Anya gets to tell about making a deal with the devil that splits her into two people. I think what really shows in these two that are ranked at the top is I really enjoyed The Midnight Club the darker the stories delved. And this one is DARK. Brutal self harm and drug use – they really went there. Ruth Codd does a great job.

1. The Wicked Heart

The Midnight Club stories ranked

The darkest and scariest of all the stories told in The Midnight Club is Kevin’s three parter: The serial killer saga of The Wicked Heart. The screaming ghosts of the women Dusty kills are the scariest visuals in the entirety of The Midnight Club, and the story getting three parts makes it feel the most fleshed out.

I think the scary visuals of his mum whispering to him is probably the most frightening content in the whole show.

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