You can now buy Jeffrey Dahmer’s urn as loads of his personal belongings go on sale

Who is buying any of this may I ask??

Since Netflix released Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, there has been a huge amount of interest in the serial killer’s case. But it’s still a big shock to see people are actually putting themselves out of pocket to have Jeffrey Dahmer’s belongings.

Taylor James, who runs Cult Collectibles, has told TMZ he got his hands on Jeffrey Dahmer’s belongings a few years ago after he was contacted by a former housekeeper for Lionel Dahmer. Taylor said he agreed to manage and sell the collection through his website for a portion of the profit. Just recently it was reported that Taylor was selling Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses for $150,000.

Here’s a rundown of some of Jeffrey Dahmer’s stuff you can buy from the website, Cult Collectibles.

You can buy Jeffrey Dahmer’s prison Bible

For $6,000 you can actually buy the Bible Jeffrey Dahmer used in prison when he turned to religion and got baptised. Also on the site there’s a Bible with his signature however that was sold for $13,950 and is no longer available to buy.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s school photo is for sale

For $3,5000 you can buy a class photo of Jeffrey Dahmer in grade five. There was also a baby photo listed with his dad but that sold for $640. However there’s also a family portrait with his brother David Dahmer too, and that is still available to buy at $3,500.

You can purchase his urn

For potentially what is the most expensive item on the site, you can spend $250,000 on the urn of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Various legal documents are for sale

You can buy a bunch of legal documentation, from court notes to his legal paperwork of his case against the Hicks Family. Even his tax income forms are up for sale at $3,500.

You can buy Jeffrey Dahmer’s prison mail

So like we all saw in the Netflix show, Jeffrey Dahmer received an abundance of prison mail. Some of it is for sale on the website and has been listed at $100.

For a full look at all of the items you can buy on Cult Collectibles, follow this link.

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